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John Marshall High School Hall of Fame

In the summer of 1999, JMH celebrated its one hundred year Centennial. At that time a number of JMH faculty members led by Mr. William Ritter had a desire to honor some of the Staff and Graduates of JMH for their significant contributions and accomplishments while at JMH and later on in life.

These faculty members felt that it was time to create a JMH Hall of Fame. A committee consisting of the faculty and staff of JMH and some Alumni members was created for this purpose. Leaders were elected and by-laws were created in order for this endeavor to move forward. At that time, a decision was made to only have one HOF. Some other schools have different halls for Distinguished Citizens, Outstanding Athletes, Significant Faculty Members and others. All of these are currently rolled into one HOF at JMH.

Our first induction ceremony was held in the fall of 1999. So far there have been six inductions with a seventh scheduled for 2012. In general we try to hold an induction every other year. To date, sixty-six people have been inducted. The committee consists of ten members. The current members for 20012/13 are:

• Andy Mathews, Chairman
• Bill Kemer Vice Chairman
• Joyce Murphy, Secretary
• Bob Vinyard, Treasurer
• Doug Smorag
• Marijane Kubach
• Bob Fast
• Elaine Staley
• Tom Barber
• Carl Ludwig

Judy Gilson (non-voting)
Principal Luther Johnson (non-voting)

In 2004, the committee approached the JMH Alumni Association with a request to become joint sponsors of the HOF with the High School. The AA had been working with us for several years and the committee felt that it would be a plus to have the Alumni Association as part of our team. We are very happy to announce that the Alumni Association voted to accept our request for joint sponsorship.

The John Marshall HOF honors outstanding Faculty and Alumni in many different areas such as Government/Public Service, Education, Sports, Business, Military, Medical, Entertainment and Distinguished Citizens to name a few. Accomplishments while attending / teaching at JMH and after leaving JMH are considered. We look for people of character who have excelled in their field and are role models for others.

If you are aware of someone worthy of this honor please fill out the nomination form found elsewhere on this web site and send it to the Alumni Association address

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