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The John Marshall Alumni Association is a non-profit, 501c(3), organization dedicated to supporting John Marshall High School, its faculty, students and alumni. We promote, finance, organize and participate in functions and events that contribute to the core values of education both academically and socially. We draw on our Alumni for support in these endeavors that include a Scholarship Program for graduating Seniors. Finally, we strive to maintain historical records that preserve our School's rich heritage.

The Alumni Association is governed by a Board of Trustees. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all alumni. Every alumnus is a member of the alumni association and there are no other membership requirements or dues. A database that contains the names of all known graduates and faculty is maintained through input from various sources. We publish a newsletter every Spring that is sent to approximately 16,000 alumni for which we have a good address. When newsletters are returned by the US Post Office for insufficent address, the alumnus is listed as lost until we are advised of the new address. Class address lists and labels are provided to recognized reunion committees at no charge. We ask that reunion committees provide address corrections so that we may keep our database current. Our database is the link to our alumni. Failure to maintain it means that we will not be able to communicate with our alumni and the organization will become less effective. Our website is the latest in our effort to bring Alumni together. It contains the latest Alumni News as well as news we receive from the School.

The Scholarship program provides modest financial support to graduating Seniors. It is funded through donations from our Alumni. It is our goal to grow our Endowment Fund to the point that scholarships are supported from the interest generated by the principle rather than from our annual operating fund. We encourage our Alumni to support the Endowment Fund. Contributions, both large and small, are welcomed.

Functions, events, and merchandising are a large part of fundraising. We now have Apparel, Music CD's, Interpreter CD's, and other items for sale. Funds raised are used to support activities that include the major expense of publishing and mailing our newsletter. All items are available via mail or on our e-store (currently undergoing maintenance). Check our website for Alumni Events. Participating in fundraising activities is fun and also helps us to finance our programs.

Most importantly, please consider supporting your Alumni Association financially. There is a donation form online and one is included in every newsletter. Your support makes it possible to continue the programs established by your Trustees. We encourage anyone who wants to help with the work to contact us. We are always looking for volunteers to work on various projects, both short and long term. If you have ideas or suggestions, please write to us, or come to a meeting. If you are not receiving the newsletter, please send us an email with your class year, name and address.

Contact Info:

John Marshall Alumni Association

P.O. Box 16678

Rocky River, OH 44116-0678